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The concept of the fetish is a little understood thing, in the modern world the word is commonly associated with any number of variations in human sexuality, expressed in what are generally considered idiosyncratic ways. Body parts; the lack thereof; situations; inanimate objects; etc., each serves as the specific focus of disparate urges and desires, distinguishable from each other and “usual habits” as a specific sexual fetish, a particular part of the body eliciting sexual gratification or arousal within certain individuals.

Wider use of the term refers to a material object, thought to be endowed with supernatural power through the mystery of it's creation, in various human cultures idiosyncratic "fetish" objects serve similar purposes, whether as the channel of divine consciousness, protection against "evil spirits",  a device able to influence other people's behaviour or attitudes, or an object influencing the "tangible and intangible" aspects of the world.

The word comes down to English speakers, via the French translation (fétiche) of the Portuguese term feitiço {sorcery; incantation, witchcraft; artificial}, all are derived from Latin: factitius {made by art, artificial}, which also has the term: fascinum {Witchcraft; Charm(object), Phallic} and fascinō {to enchant, bewitch, charm, fascinate}, we are here dealing with words concerning the production of illusions.

A fetish object in Rome called the “Fascinus” was thought to be the embodiment of the divine phallus, it was represented through (often winged) phallus effigies used to protect their wearer from evil and honoured in sexually themed rituals within the Hearth of the cult of the Vestal Virgins, amulets, fetish objects and spells were used to invoke this “Divine protection” against the use of the Evil Eye, or other nefarious influences, we read from Augustine of Hippo:
this obscene member, placed on a little trolley, was first exhibited with great honour at the crossroads in the countryside, and then conveyed into the city itself... to secure the growth of seeds and to repel enchantment (fascinatio) from the fields1
In Portuguese feitiço is present in the word for “fascination”: enfeitiçar, meaning basically a “bewitching” of the senses, the Latin root of these words is still in use in the modern English language: factitious {not spontaneous or natural; artificial; contrived}, fatuous {inane; unreal; illusory}, facade {a superficial appearance or illusion of something} and facsimile {an exact copy; equivalent of} are particularly relevant examples, reflecting a critical attitude towards manufactured fetish objects intended to provoke a sense of fascination, or exert some form of influence on other people. 

For instance: having constructed a facade of intellectuality, Russell Brand's facile political observations are promoted to divert popular sentiment away from political action, offering fatuous metaphysical affirmations, his factitious opinions about current events, and manufactured solutions in place of actual participation, in the conditions of popular struggle or destitution he complains about”. 

He has fashioned of himself a fetish object ostentatiously adorned with every kind of populist finery, in interviews pandering to his cult of individuality, he appears inhabited by a potent spirit of purely spectacular rebelliousness, superficially he expounds dissatisfaction with "the status-quo” on a range of issues, while embodying many of it's most self indulgent inadequacies, his animated diatribes appear designed to encourage a mystical self abandonment in the spectator, currently bombarded with financial austerity reforms that Brand will not experience the adverse effects of. 

The masses of people, portrayed negatively in the mainstream media, but holding none of the critical or intellectual tools to make conscious in how many ways, have been failed by an industrialized education process clearly insufficient to human requirements beyond participating in the economy, especially since the dawn of the information age. 

This failure of their own state to inoculate the masses against the susceptibility -so painfully made obvious in the 20th Century- to ideological manipulation by the likes of Lynton Crosby, Russel Brand, Goebbals or David Icke, means there are ever increasing majorities of people becoming informed via the internet, and coming under the fascination of the mystical "truth fetish" Russel Brand represents. 

"One's reality is a result of your intention, and your attention" 

Brand's attempt to become a mediator and guide for this disorganized milieu, which is oppressed by the idea of being oppressed by something, is focused on the active rejection of "western Materialism" in favour of eastern metaphysical misdirections: "People need to live spiritual lives,,,,it's good to have access to the infinite consciousness that is available to all people, but through the five senses is delineated keeping us trapped on a material plane", he quotes flowery sermons from spiritual guru's almost verbatim, glorifying his own mystical experience to a position of pre-eminence in the mind of the spectator. 

Unfortunately in their traditionally ascribed alienated situations, people find expression of their anger and dissatisfaction through his impulsive rants and hypnotically delivered sloganism, after all he is a performer, he wouldn't be much of one if he couldn't manipulate people's emotions, misdirect and captivate their attention, fascinate and enthral the audience, actually he appears to be a pretty decent performer. 

His example is the active rejection of a world he considers illusory, in contrast to the private delusions of his own mind, to which he ascribes a greater value than they're actually worth, by reference to how much he personally derives from them.

If you're a millionaire living in a mansion in rural California next door to other millionaires, you can get away with rejecting the objective reality the majority of people share and clamour to escape from, because you will rarely be confronted with it, why not afterall you will have to pay heavily for the privilege. 

What's worrying is the apparent willingness of people who live outside that bubble, to forego their own observations or investigations, their own immediate experience in favour of identification with one or other “brand” of safe forms of rebellion, (rock and roll, Transcendental meditation, religious fundamentalism)  expounded by self appointed “experts”, who are nothing more than pre-packaged internet or television personalities clambering at the heels of the most insignificant human life. 

People are rejecting the professional media or common knowledge, in favour of mystical solutions provided by idealistic and self obsessed celebrities who can say whatever inanities pop into their head, and reach millions via the unregulated maelstrom of information on the Internet. 

Because these icons of the information age superficially articulate a sense of depth perceived to be lacking in official narratives.

Because they do so with such impetuous energy, and misguided self belief, employing Neurolinguistic Programming techniques and various fetish objects developed specifically to promote blind, unthinking fascination, the hapless passer-by has little choice but to accept what they see as "enlightened revelation" and assume the role of spectator/consumer. 

Like the Witch-testing methods of a more primitive age, the reasons Brand and "Truth celebs" give to support their childish solutions, merely portray a constructed facade of “truth”. 

Superficially appealing slogans are reproduced to appeal to dissatisfaction and capitalize on disenfranchisement so prevalent in the modern world. Narratives, ideals and reified concepts are fashioned to encapsulate this spirit of rebellion, historical and religious fetish objects are reproduced to subtantiate the appeal to revolutionary ethos, all in order to provoke people's unthinking fascination by, and eventually complete acceptance of, a particular mode of being.

Factitious illusions are constantly reproduced in this milieu in order to distract people from the fact they are being distracted.The masses attention is distracted from their own economic exploitation, the Ruling classes intentions remain veiled, albeit partially alluded to by professional spokesmen or popularity seeking public personalities acting to "repel fascination from the fields", diverting it into habitual consumption of the saturating mass of endlessly reproduced fetishes and fetishized objects.  

The social value of a "truth", is determined by it's ability to provoke a response, bewitch or fascinate it's receiver, the attention given to that "truth" is measured in popular appeal, there are more direct methods than viewing church attendance or book sales since the advent of social networking, popular search terms, trends, views, likes, shares indicate to anybody the social value of a particular "truth", in this way the power of emerging fetishes can be imbibed with the most appealing aspects of all those which came before it, each new production serving as a feedback loop from which the production of emerging fetishes is based2.. 


(a great free resource for personally investigating the roots of language and words with which our world is constructed is 

1. English translation by R.W. Dyson, Augustine: The City of God against the Pagans (Cambridge University Press, 1998, 2002), p. 292 online.

2. A concrete example of this is the "News digest" format, proving popular on TPV, it served as the next subject of interest to Brand in his "Trews" in which he reads the daily newspapers and provides his own interpretation of the interpretation of various writers for newspapers such as the Daily Mail.
People already used to outsourcing their ability to interpret or rationalize the things they read in the news, are being given another layer of alienation to contend with, the News reaching Brand 2nd or even 3rd hand is then filtered, reconstituted and an ersatz version is reproduced.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

What the W.T.F is

The World Truth Fetish is a response to the emerging internet and global activism milieu focused on the fetishistic appropriation, and uncritical dissemination of information and slogans under the guise of “Truth”, reinforcing sentiments which are fundamentally opposed to Western civilization, Democracy it's history, trajectory and the institutions which sustain and continue to define it.

Political; Military; Educational; Medical; Scientific; Diplomatic; Corporate; Judicial; Media; National and International State institutions are all attacked by various "bastions" within this milieu, constantly repeated accusations are cast and gradually ossify, forming a base of negative assumptions supporting the construction of further more elaborate ideological systems.

Supported by this foundation lies are told about consensus reality, historical and current events under the guise of; "speaking the truth"; "countering mainstream lies", or some other similarly "well intentioned" endeavour.

An entire world view constructed in opposition to numerous reported realities, intended to undermine these realities, but also our means of determining them, anything coming from academic, scientific, mainstream or theoretic disciplines: psychology, sociology, cultural theory, etc,. which contradicts the multifarious assertions it's proponents produce.

  • From David we get "David Icke Exposing the Dreamworld".
  • Michael Tsarion's web page has the text: "opening the eyes of the world" as the header.
  • Jordan Maxwell's website informs us he is: "Bringing Light into a World of Darkness".
  • Meria Heller gives us the "Roaring Truth" with "The Mouth that Roars".
  • Alex Jones has created a whole media empire to "Combat the New World Order", because he's adamant: "THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND".

Despite the acknowledgement of some pertinent facts, and their apparently well intentioned 'seeking the truth' of things, beneath the veneer of honesty their modes of persuasion require, are available for purchase a range of highly (dis)informative products and services, stringing together revisionist history, pseudo-science and emotional rhetoric in order to sell the concept of a relevant, believable, false image, or narrative of the hidden truths in or about the "forces" at work in the world.

These various questionably priced commodities serve as the medium for a sustained, multi-dimensional attack, not only upon the modern Western World's political establishment and the historical record of our species -both of which they unashamedly seek to alter and eradicate our current collective understanding of- but also against the psychology of the individual paying for these aggressively marketed commodities.

The "Ascended Masters" of the Conspiracy Theory subculture are not content with the old cliché of the Self Help genre "this book will change your life!", full of self importance and more than adequate measure of the arrogance a “revelator” requires, they claim their works will "Change the World" itself! [1]

The specialized nature of an industrialized education process that regiments the behaviour and pliability of the developing human being, the overbearing dominance of the market economy in which one is forced -often against one's will- to participate in for the majority of one's life, and the spectacular world of the commodity with it's myriad images and sensuous distractions, leaves the participants in this rigmarole susceptible to numerous “blind spots” in our understanding. Blind spots that preoccupations and various managers enforce upon the individual, and which the Media, Newspapers and Radio are designed to fill.

Alienated from power, estranged from any political participation beyond the occasional merely symbolic act of voting, yet constantly bombarded with the evidence of political corruption, corporate fraud etc, via incessent 24hr news coverage in all formats. Having played no part in the planning or execution of legislation, military operations, economic policy or any other aspects of modern power, having heard about them either 2nd or 3rd hand, from different and at times conflicting sources with no time to personally check the authenticity of each story, the machinery behind the events and structure of our daily lives becomes a mystery.

As individuals within this mileau become further alienated in rebellious opposition, they become further disconnected from the actual machinery of power. Mystification and inevitable suspicion towards the interests and material structures operating in the world develops, eventually leading to their rejection of everything they don't understand, feel external to.

The requirement for increased militarization of Government concurring with an erosion of citizens' rights to privacy to combat external threats,(not that you find many within this milieu who accept the existence of external non-Government Terrorism), the historic examples of military and psychological research on mind control, psy-ops and eugenics, are constantly used as a foundation on which to create the illusion that history has all been a pre-determined agenda to completely control every aspect of human existence.

The biased, often non-existent media coverage of the political decision making process inevitably leads to gaps in the understanding of the people, gaps which are exploited by not only the politicians themselves, but the political establishment and further private, often antagonistic interests. This space can be filled with speculative interpretations coordinated to purvey the ideas it's main theorists like to exploit.

One is that power is wielded secretly throughout and beyond known history, by a nefarious, all powerful esoteric cabal controlling all aspects of World Government, with the most deplorable intentions conceivable for  human 'freedom', the planet and all of it's inhabitants.

In the grip of this worldview you are the property of forces completely beyond your comprehension, even beyond the comprehension of reason in general, in other words spectacular, purely symbolic forms, to which magic (at least magical thought), and aimless rebellion under the direction of the apparent leaders of this movement, will be the only immediately obvious means of response. Specters which haunt the individual, and lead him to irrational responses.

Validating these feelings: speculation; sloganistic soundbite ideology; supporting documents; and explanations for your failings, are constantly reproduced to bestow a negative image and reflection of the World, or particular aspects of it. Withdrawal and self enforced alienation from the source of your experience, is encouraged under the guise of retaining purity, or getting closer to "truth", as the writings of St Paul advise us to "be in this world but not of it", and the Quran teaches "the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you".

Neurotic, ideological assumptions and false interpretations of reality are manufactured under the guise of  "channelling revealed truth" to the masses, the intention merely to further their habitual submission before the manufactured "truth" fetish, to affirm their dependence on externally derived instructions and guidance.

It is clear the ideologically charged information fashioned and reproduced within this milieu, is intended for the subversion and misdirection -not improvement- of the captive audience, along with the abolition of the various institutions which define Western Civilization, obstructing the attempts of the masses to move beyond mindless superstition and self negating servility.

Attempting to inhibit history from reaching it's logical conclusions will only be possible by attacking, mystifying and undermining human history, culture, progress and the knowledge it gives us. It will  have to be done forcefully on the mental, emotional or physical level, only by turning us against the tools we have created to improve the world which enable us to understand and manipulate it more effectively, will they be able to turn the clock backwards to a more primitive time.

In our fast-paced capitalist world, where people seek nourishment hurriedly with easily available, "ersatz" alternatives, what appeals to superficial tastes translates into real world events, the most easily prepared and consumed meal, despite being tasteless and potentially devoid of nutritional content, is preferred exactly because of the lack of exertion required to consume it.

[1] Paraphrasing the subheading of David Icke's book "The Biggest Secret".