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The Economic Fetish of Gideon Osborne

I really prefer the more subtle examples of fetishism over the borderline psychotic ramblings of professional fetishists or mystics like David Icke, so this entry will correspond to a recent speech given by Gideon Osborne in which; he ascribes to 'The Economy' a whole range of properties and actions more properly belonging to the subjugated masses of people forced to partake in 'it', often against their will.

While delving into the decrepitude on display in a recent televised Conservative Party conference during a particularly damp and dreary Autumnal afternoon, I was unfortunate enough to observe the insidiously absurd speech of the particularly dull witted decadent; Gideon Osborne, the son of a wallpaper tycoon & one of the foremost financial fetishists in this congregation of aspirational loons.

When one encounters such typecast examples of the moral turpitude which sadly passes for rectitude, that this decaying nation of class distinction is known to frequently exude, one is coerced into taking notes in the possibly misguided hope that such relics of British Social order face imminent extinction.

So that future generations may at least benefit from a record of the animosity constrained behind the façade of respectability such brigands display, the disdain for the way real people without inheritances live, perhaps that they may never again fall foul of 'the act' and be lead astray, from the long march of progress fraught with obstacles and traps such as these ravenous Tory wolves set in our way.

It's apparent the fundamental attribute of a Conservative politician, is the ability to maintain the fetishism of various things in the face of all evidence against them, predominantly those most despicable attributes and institutions which mar the collective history of our species: privilege; self obsession; servile flattery in accordance with social rank; the expectation others behave the same way; the worship of Kings; of money, banks and ostentatious display of things obtained by one means or another; of morality beneath the knout; of dominance above; of the clout of ancient teachings; on grasping and reaching for more and more; of opulent decor; decorum and whoredom in various forms.

The prime fetish of the conservative of the modern world, now that the last whiff of God has all but evaporated, is the economy.

Now the white bearded man in the sky no longer provides for them they have erected in 'His' place, a less imaginary estranged saviour.

A more productive provider of souls for them to savour; as the multitudes were gathered in a bygone age, beneath the incomprehensible capriciousness of this alien, 'divine will', they now serve the endlessly increasing abstract extravagances, of the Economic priesthood's demands upon them.

The ancient Aztecs were at least upfront about the endless human sacrifice demanded by their priests, now the least amongst us sacrifices their self to grease the gears of a machine, the only purpose of which is to prepare a feast from the products of our labour, of the life's blood of all beasts of burden.

While the priests of Mesoamerica or Druidic castes from the East had to drive a dagger through the cartilaginous casing our rib cage provides, to obtain the wonderful bloody treasure hidden inside, today we offer our hearts up to idolatrous lies willingly; we give our lives up for the price of a cup we make but have to buy from which our misery overflows, but why?

So our pleasure and happiness grows?

Sadly no, but rather so the economy may continue to colonize every aspect of human existence, so profits may continually rise while our dreams are left to die, entrenched wealth conserved so the lofty ideals of fair trade are never realized.

Is it fair the "the party of Freetrade" can fetishize, the entirety of human social relations beneath the Leviathan called Economy, attributing to it the ability to make the sun rise, to raise our children correctly and the power to decide, "whether we can pay our bills, whether we provide for our families, have rewarding jobs and enjoy decent retirements"?

Gideon is quite adamant the answer is yes; "the economy means everything to the people of Britain" he replies, smiling smugly hands raised towards the sky, but were he ever to speak to a member of this homogeneous tribe, to ask them what the term means, it's more likely they'd reply that it means little more than any other term glibly spoken which eludes our evil eyes, but Gideon has greater faith than us mere mortals to whom he lies, to him the economy is a mystical creative force more alive than we; the permeating substance facilitating every facet of modern life.

Sandra Silberzweig~The Economy

All quotations taken from George Osbornes Conservative party conference speech given on the 29th of September.

The Fetishes of David Icke

Besides the obvious obsessive interests conveyed by David Icke in his work of the last 20 years: Ariosophy; conspiracy theories; pseudo science; revisionist history; mythology; anti-semitism; mysticism; "love"; aliens and reactionary political ideology, there are two particularly esteemed fetish objects which define two distinct periods of his career.

Icke heralded his arrival as messenger of the gods in 1991 appearing adorned in bright turquoise tracksuit.

Known as his Turquoise period, this transition signified his departure from purely environmental concerns and political action towards more spiritual subjects.

The use of Turquoise appears to have corresponded with his initiation to the practice of channelling through Mari Shawsun and Betty Shine, defined in his writing by the repetition of 'channelled' information and philosophy; warnings of environmental catastrophe; reproductions of spiritual systems of the past, reinterpreting their main idols and repeating their imperatives for the new age; the affirmation of his semi-divine nature as a member of "the evolution called Sons of the Godhead"[1].

In Tales from the Timeloop Icke writes: "I became famous for wearing turquoise clothes because after the experience on the mound I began to want to wear only turquoise, which is a very powerful and sacred colour to many native and esoteric beliefs."

Turquoise beads dating back to 5000 B.C. have been found in Iraq used by royalty and warriors, there is evidence the raw material was being mined in the Sinai peninsula by 2500BC, won from the underworld, brought to the surface, manufactured and traded, a process ongoing throughout the middle ages when Venetian merchants obtained the stones -manufactured from raw material found on the south slopes of the Iranian Al-Mirsah-Kuh Mountains- in Turkish bazaars from whence it's name derives, bringing back the shining stones to Europe for their rarity and resale value.

The earliest uses and industrial extraction known by our historians, took place in and around the region of modern day Egypt where it has been found upon grave furnishings and the death masks of some Pharaohs, Iraq and Iran where it was valued for it's immediately apparent aesthetic qualities aswell as ascribed, intangible fetishized properties; utilized by kings, shamans and warriors for it's assumed value as a channel for power, luck, and divine protection to the wearer, it became a symbol of nobility, wisdom and high social status,

Turquoise gems are most commonly seen today in New Age crystal shops, or adorning the fabulous domed architecture of formerly great Islamic Empires, some of the most striking examples being: Tilla Kari Mosque in Uzbekistan; the Mosque of St Petersburg; upon the facade of Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem; the Goharshad Mosque in the Khorasan province of Iran; and the Blue Mosque known as "The Turquoise of Islam", in the city of Tabriz located in Iran's East Azarbaijan province.

The arrival of the Mughal Empire[1.2] in India brought Turquoise for use in the art & architecture of the period, where it was formerly unknown, it was also sourced and used in Pre-Columbian America in extensive trade networks and used in art by various cultures, particularly the Maya, from which the oldest examples found have been dated to around 700bc. [1.5]

Although David mentions "the esoteric significance" of Turquoise, he never actually explains what it is in his books or -to my knowledge- lectures, he explains how it was used by various nobilities, as those in South America, and that his Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa wears the colour, but never actually gives an example of
it's "esoteric power" or uses.

Norman Flag, English Royal Arms and Dalmatian coat of Arms on the Right in descending order
His present work, which following a transitional period of conspiracy writing in the nineties and early 21st century, has come to be characterized by his appropriation and fetish of the symbolism of "the Lion", despite retaining many of the earlier 'spiritual' motifs, his later writings are more focused on "The Global Conspiracy", his leadership of a popular conspiracy subculture who come in their thousands to view his sermons at Wembley arena; his repeated calls for revolution & suggestions on how to end "the NWO agenda".

"More than anything at this extraordinary time of transformation, the human race must get off its knees. It has been down there for far too long. ENOUGH! We are All That Is, All Possibility, All Potential, AIl Existence. What are we doing with our knees on the floor and our hands clasped together in worship or pleas for mercy? We are lions, not lambs, and lions refuse to be herded. Stand up, wake up and let's get this sorted. We are lions disguised as sheep; but we don't have to be. The lion within can awaken whenever we choose to set it free."[2]

The development he describes here parallels the development of symbolism apparent in the Safavid Dynasty's flag; going from the golden moon, to a Sheep in front of the Sun, to a Lion in front of the Sun which is an ancient symbol of Mesopotamian origins, one of the oldest examples of which is found on a Greco-Persian seal housed in the British Museum, apparently of King Artaxerxes II worshipping a figure thought to be the Goddess Ishtar, standing upon a Lion in front of the Sun.

Those from England will be no stranger to the symbol, but it's use in History is by no means limited to the country David is from, many other Nations have historically used the emblem on Flags and Coats of Arms, particularly India during the Mughal Empire, Denmark, Dalmatia, Iran, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Finland, Congo aswell as smaller European principalities and states particularly in modern Germany as shown in the standards of Saxony, Hanover, Hesse or Baden Wurtemburg, but also in Leon, Spain; Lyon and Normandy in France, Estonia and many others, where it would frequently represent the dominions of family dynasties such as the House of Welf, or the Normans having come to own lands in opposition to the Holy Roman Empire.

The symbol in heraldry is always indicative of the dominance of Royalty, the "King of Beasts" or "King of the Jungle" representing strength and nobility, was appropriated by various Kings of great renown and military prowess, for example Henry the Lion Duke of Saxony who helped Emperor Frederick Barbarossa wage war against the Lombards and the Papacy, and was awarded ownership of numerous Principalities throughout Germany; "The Black Prince" Edward a founding member of the Order of the Garter who fought numerous battles, utilizing means of Terror such as burning and pillaging towns, villages and farms on his enemies dominions.

Richard I (the Lionheart) of England was a Plantagenet descendent of the Norman Kings who introduced the symbol to the Royal arms of England, he spent more time on Crusades and in Aquitane much like; his father Henry II who ruled various parts of France along with his English territories, fighting over Northumberland with fellow descendent of the Norman's and bearer of the Lion motif; William the Lion of Scotland, Grandson of Scottish reformer King David I who continued to apply the Norman feudal system to governance in Scotland, substantially changing the culture to a system more compatible with the rest of Western Europe.

The first use of the Lion motif in England is apparently by King of the Normans; William the Conqueror Great Grandfather of Henry II, who raised the standard of Normandy in battle, highlighting the fact that "the Lion" prowled the full length and breadth of Europe, and was not confined within the borders of the UK at any point, "Scottish" names most frequently associated with noble families such as Bruce, Gray, Ramsay, Fraser, Ogilvie, Montgomery, Sinclair, Pollock, Douglas and Gordon to name but a few, including the later royal House of Stewart, all have Norman ancestry at some point in their lineage.
The now extinct nation of Dalmatia used the symbolism of Sheep and Lions, it's name derived from the Illyrian word delme or Albanian dele meaning "sheep", highlights the pastoral origin of the Illyrian tribe known to the Romans as the Dalmatae who inhabited the region near Split in Croatia along the Adriatic coast North of Italy, Dalmatia was a Roman Province until around 475ad when the Western Roman empire disintegrated and the Ostrogoth's took ownership of the land.

In the Gothic War of the 6th century the Eastern Byzantine Empire retook the region, but it was greatly reduced following various incursions of the Avars, Magyars and Slavs in the following centuries, from the 9th Century the Franks, Venetian Nobility, Croatian Princes and emerging Hungarian Empire, vied for control with the Byzantine Empire, each asserting their claim, until the the invasion of the Mongols distracted the Hungarians, and internal rivalries of the Capetian and Luxembourgian Royal houses in Croatia, forced the sale of the region to the Venetian Republic.

The coat of arms consisting of three crowned lions open mouthed roaring fiercely betrays a certain historical truth about the region, not to mention a worthwhile lesson for conservationists perhaps endeavouring to keep these predatory beasts in captivity.

As highlighted in a previous entry on this blog; the re-creation of the land, the fetishism and attribution of value, culture and identity foreign to it, was enacted by the irresistible force that the Norman Kings represented in Western Europe, and various forces attempting to assert their claims, 'stamping' their authority upon this small region on the Adriatic coastline.

The Lion as an emblem of Royalty is known to all children who have seen "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", "The Lion King", or who have read "Aesop's Fables"[3], it's use far predates the European Monarchs of the medieval period, being found in ancient stone carvings surviving the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations where venerated images held important fetishized functions; particularly pertaining to Royalty and violent warfare in the Egyptian pantheon, as deified in the forms of: Bast, Mafdet, Menhit, Pakhet, Sekhmet, Tefnut, and the Sphinx.

The symbol has been frequently used in Persia, noteably the theocratic Safavid Dynasty; originators of the "Twelver" school of Shi'a Islam who at their height controlled all of modern Iran, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Armenia, most of Georgia, the North Caucasus, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, as well as parts of Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the symbolism and state they introduced remains in modern day Iran particularly by Monarchist factions in exile as a symbol of opposition to the Islamic Republic.[4]

"Mithra was often portrayed as a winged lion, a symbol for the Sun still used by the secret societies today and a major symbol of the Reptilian hybrids like the British Royal Family. References to the lion and the 'grip of the lion's paw' in the Master Mason Degree of Freemasonry originate with this same stream of Mystery school symbolism. Initiates into the rites of Mithra were called lions...
Mithra was said to be the son (Sun) of god who died to save humanity and give them eternal life. He was called the good shepherd and the vine. One classic symbol of Mithra was as a lion with a snake curled around his body while he holds the key to heaven."[5]

It's use carried similar connotations in the ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia, including the City states within the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian Empires, more than 100 artistic representations of lions were created in polychrome tiles lining the processional way from the northern entrance of Babylon through numerous gates to the famous "Gate of Ishtar", the entrance point into the extravagant inner city adorned by depictions of Lions, Dragons and other semi-mythical beasts, archaeology from the period depicts important cultural figures such as Ishtar and Gilgamesh exhibiting a degree of mastery over lions, perhaps symbolizing their protection of the nomadic herdsmen exterior to the walled cities.

Is it any wonder military leaders of States such as Mussolini, Himmler and Hermann Goering, were particularly fascinated by this symbol of strength, violence, animalistic brutality and domination?

"The memorial to Rhodes at Cape Town, South Africa, is dominated by the Illuminati symbol of the lion and is located on the slopes of a place called Devil's Peak. Isn't synchronicity wonderful? 

The [Round Table] group consisted, like all similar organisations, of at least two levels. One was the inner circle, the 'Society of the Elect' (in the know), and the outer circle was called the 'Association of Helpers' (not in anything like the same know). 

This is the familiar technique of using a group of largely innocent people to hide and defend, through lack of knowledge, the organisation they think they understand, but don't."[6]

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[1.2]    Mughal empire of India flag:

"A tradition of tiling commenced in Delhi and its environs during the reign of the Lodhi Sultans (1451–1526 CE), the employment of glazed tiles in shades of blue on their buildings marking the first consistent use of tiles here. Later, an increase in tile-work commissions in an expanded palette comprising yellow, green, white, turquoise, and dark blue glaze colours occurred during Mughal rule, especially in the reigns of the Mughal emperors Akbar (1556–1605 CE) and Jahangir (1605–1627 CE). Art and architecture now became to be increasingly influenced by Iran and Central Asia, spurred by the emigration of architects, artisans and craftsmen from these lands (Blair and Bloom, 1995 and Nath, 1989)."

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[3]    The Greek Aesop recounted many tales of the "King of Beasts" such as the story of  

The Lion and the Statue:
The Sick Lion
The Lion and the Mouse
The Ass in the Lion's Skin
The Lion's Share
The Four Oxen and the Lion
The Lion in Love
The Lion the Fox and the Beasts


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Reading David Icke

Part I
Who actually is David Icke and what exactly does he stand for?

This is probably not a question many people have found themselves spending a lot of time trying to answer, most will be altogether unaware of him or his work, a fact lamented by Icke and his followers which is framed as; the continuing attempt to “suppress the quickening vibrations of awakening humanity”[0.7] or the suppression of truth essential to the 'Brotherhood manipulation of humanity',“while the versions presented by 'science' and religion were given free reign”[0.9].

Among those who are aware of him he is not only adored, but scorned, revered, and mocked in equal measure, to many he will simply be the ex-Professional footballer turned BBC presenter, who dabbled in politics with The Green Party before donning a turquoise tracksuit and hitting the UK talkshow circuit in the early 90's: announcing his 'spiritual awakening', the immanent destruction of the planet, and his new direction as a spiritual messenger for humanity in interviews with Fern Britten, Nicky Campbell and Terry Wogan throughout March- April 1991.

During these first forays into fame he imparted his 'teachings' on: the environment; politics; morality;spirituality; the mystical forces governing reality; truth; lies and more besides, only to receive the derisive laughter of the audience, and “unimaginable national ridicule”[1] in return.

The media exposure of March/April 1991 came during a very tumultuous period in his personal life, the previous month he had “intuitively” flown to Peru, where he describes having an extremely intense psychotic episode atop a mound in the centre of a Pre-Incan, Sillustani burial ground, he calls this “the experience that transformed my life”[2], undoubtedly news of his father's death and burial reaching him while there, and a random encounter with a mysterious blonde Argentian from La Paz Bolivia, had no less a dramatic effect on his mental and emotional well-being.

This voyage of discovery appears to have immediately followed one of numerous meetings with British Canadian Psychic Deborah Shaw, who he had visited for advanced 'channelling' sessions[3] in Canada, and with whom he'd been working closely since August 1990 writing Truth Vibrations, a book largely comprised of channelled information outlining David's “new age spirituality”, along with reinterpretations of various religious and historical figures he has continued to subscribe to and publish in his later work.

Fresh upon his return from “the experience that transformed his life”, David and his Wife Linda Atherton appeared alongside Deborah (now called Mari Shawsun, who would later that year have a daughter by Icke) in a press conference for the UK media, in which Icke proceeded to introduce himself as “Son of the Godhead”[4]; a divinely inspired messenger for humanity or channel of a supernatural force he has since come to refer to as “infinite consciousness”, endowed with the task of expounding various prophecies of geological upheaval and natural disasters including the immanent destruction of the Isle of Arran; the concepts of spiritual hierarchy governing the “earth's energy matrix”; reincarnation; earth energy; balance and the human equivalents of these concepts in the body ie the Chakra system and minds of human beings on national television.

These are all subjects which came to constitute a significant proportion of all his later work, forming the basis of his “story of the spiritual renaissance”.

Then, in March 1991, I went over for a third visit to Canada to work with a channeller, Mari Shawsun. I can remember the time vividly: it was just as if someone had flicked a light switch. Suddenly, the David Icke I have just described had taken a step back. He was still there, but no longer controlling events. I think the same thing must have happened to Mari also. It was such a strange feeling. It was as if the real me had become an observer, just looking on, sometimes in horror, at what was happening.”[4.5]

The media branded the three of them “The Turquoise Triangle”, the controversial, outlandish nature of his theories combined with the seriousness of his warnings launched him into the Newspaper headlines and subsequently public awareness,so that in the midst of what can surely without exaggeration be called his psychological disintegration, the media paraded David, subjecting him to the razor sharp wit of Terry Wogan and public mockery in the name of entertainment, “This period of unbelievable ridicule did not make my subsequent work more difficult; it made it possible.” [5]

I was speaking the words, but all the time I could hear the voice of the brakes in the background saying, 'David, what the hell are you saying?'”[5.5]

When you survey the world today ... when a child dies in this world of preventable disease every two seconds, when the economic system of this world must destroy the Earth simply for that system to survive; when you see all the wars, and when you see all the pain, and when you see all the suffering, is it a force of love and wisdom and tolerance that is in control of this planet?”[1.5]

Regardless of how coherent some of his concerns actually were, in the context of the supernatural claims made in the press conference, -not to mention the mystical way in which he described events; assuming an overtly religious air while presenting his theories of forces of negativity and thoughts destroying the planet- a large majority of the rational secular public were inevitably alienated from his message, as I too am sympathetic to the concerns he mentions above, but am alienated by his implicit demand for a dictatorship of “love wisdom and tolerance” to be put “in control of this planet”, exerting influence on 'things' is what a “force” 'does' is it not?

These events though apparently earth shattering for David, were merely the external manifestations of a process which had been underway at least since writing: “It Doesn't Have to be Like This” in 1989, about this period he writes: “I began to feel a presence around me. When I was in a room alone it felt as if someone else was there and this went on for months as I continued my work with the BBC.”, before recounting the story of months later being in a Newsagents with his Son Gareth, where he was drawn by a voice in his head to look at a book by psychic and healer Betty Shine: “As I stood there, my feet fixed to the spot, I heard a very clear voice in my mind say: "Go and look at the books on the far side..... The author' was a professional psychic and 'hands on' healer and I thought at once of the presence I had been feeling around me for all these months. Would this lady be able to tell me what was going on? I read the book in 24 hours and contacted her to make an appointment.”[6]

Icke's mission to “heal the world” was imparted over four meetings with her, after having: “talked with her about other dimensions or frequencies of existence and a much wider vision of life and Creation.”[6], obviously indicating David's credulity to this professional charlatan, “I was told ... that I would be given the 'spiritual riches' to, in effect, lift the veil of illusion that held humanity in servitude. Knowledge would be put into my mind and at other times I would be led to knowledge, the psychic told me. 'One man cannot change the world, but one man can communicate the message that will change the world'.....I would be led to this knowledge and communicate it on a global scale. One said: 'Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You only have to follow the clues'.”[7]

I actually found a copy of Betty Shine's book “Mind Magic”[7.5] having recognized her name while browsing local charity shop bookshelves, opening the pages I found the foreword is actually written by David himself, signed and dated “1990 from the Isle of Wight”, this two page eulogy which was worth the £1 alone reiterates the fundamental aspects of the ideology he retains to this day, he writes: “Through Betty, I received some astonishing revelations and predictions of fundamental importance to the future of humankind... We have lost touch with our spirit, the real us, over recent centuries and become obsessed with the purely material”.

This opposition to 'the purely material', (meaning the material/physicalist world view) forms the basis of many of Icke's apparently disparate opinions on subjects such as medicine, science, history, education and society to this day, it's the moralo-religious sub-stance or interpretation of reality that colours his perspective on historical figures like Charles Darwin: [see footnote 6]“It is destroying our values and it is destroying our world and the time has come to take another path. It is no coincidence that the planet we depend upon for life in all it's magnificent forms, has been taken to the brink in the very period in which the spiritual has been suppressed by the obsession with more material wealth for the few at the expense of the vast majority.” 
This is another aspect of Icke's worldview which is particularly befitting his pastoral pretensions, namely; his advocacy of the dispossessed and representation of the concerns of the “vast majority” of humankind, particularly in matters where financial freedom and institutions, have come to negate the power of traditional religious morality to conserve a particular social and environmental equilibrium.

Based on this we would expect his theories regarding the English Civil War, French Revolution, American Wars of Independence, numerous other historical events, historical or modern Nations he considers opposed to traditional values, Individuals or families of wealth obtained since the Industrial revolutions, philosophers who argued in favour of the materialist worldview, or against religious mysticism, superstition etc,. to be marked by antagonism towards their rejection of traditional feudal values[7.55]: “We have lost touch with our spirit, the giver, and, as a result, we have lost touch with the values of the spirit, like compassion caring and sharing. Those are the values that we need now to turn us back from the road to self-destruction, and we do not have very long to find them. Understanding the mind ,,, holds the key to the awesome task that we face in our battle for the planet and the future...It is not just nature we are destroying, it is also our own souls...It is no coincidence that as we have allowed the material to dominate the spiritual so emotional problems,,, go up and up with every year....We are coming to the end of the road both as people and as a world,,,it is time for a new way of thinking.”

These urgent warnings and hyperbolic style, delivered beneath a veneer of moralo-religious concern, are not at all uncommon to David's work in the 20 years following his earlier contributions, the concerns he outlines here loosely centred around the environment, in favour of a more spiritual way of life new ways of thinking etc, are a central theme in all the later work which I have reviewed, neither has the regressive attitude towards historical progress shown any sign of abating, rather, more elaborate conspiratorial schemes have been dreamt up -or derived from the numerous questionable sources listed in his bibliography- to support his rejection of human progress and our collective history, the entirety of which he attempts to frame as a conspiracy enacted by a secret cabal, using gradual reforms to implement a “totalitarian World Government” in attempts to dominate every aspect of human life.

In his narrative science and medicine are used not for their ability to alleviate the suffering of people diagnosed with mental illnesses, eradicate Smallpox, Polio, Measles, Rubella or cure cancers, but rather to hurt human beings in numerous ways, and eradicate 'our connection with God', which he comes to define later in his career as: “Universal Consciousness”, and Betty Shine calls in similarly Deistic fashion “Universal Mind”.

Contrary to what medical science is obsessed with telling us, the physical body is not the whole human being. It is the fantastic physical shell through which the eternal us experiences this physical world. There is far more to us than a body. Creation is the expression of one infinite mind and all lifeforms are aspects of that one mind: what many people call God. We are each other. We are all God”[7.6]

The book that contains the most insight to this period is apparently “Love Changes Everything” and though I haven't been able to source a copy, excerpts show how far into the practice of 'Channelling' Icke was during the nineties: “Since the publication of The Truth Vibrations I have learned so much more as I have communicated almost daily with Rakorski, the one known as Lord of all Creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo. I also communicate often with the one we know as Jesus, the Spirit of the Earth, and many others.”[8] 
From what little is available online of these first few productions of a long career, it appears his earlier work was predominantly based around mystical revelations, stark warnings about the environment, events that never occured, and reproductions of religious ideology which he retains in his later work with various adaptations, which is bolstered by numerous historical and conspiratorial theories apparently lacking in his earlier books, but which came to make up the majority of his output from the publication of The Robot's Rebellion in 1994.

Despite the quantity of unusual, “esoteric” facts littered throughout his books and superficial appearance of creditability this bestows upon them, the historical information he provides is far from exhaustive, in his narrative much is left in shadow, to the imagination or completely neglected, in his quest to undermine the “official narrative” his speculations often border on science fiction, leading to numerous people and events being misrepresented, instead of factual history David prefers to focus on particular points of interest to his main thesis, namely the manipulation and control of human beings for thousands of years, by the hidden forces of chaos or imbalance loosely defined as: the “Illuminati”, “Brotherhood”, “Elite”, “Black Nobility”, “Hostile E.T's” or “an Interdimensional Race”, all are symbols embodying this constantly maligned 'negative force', which the reader is told exerts control over the entire global economic and political systems from the time of “Atlantis”, throughout history to this day.

your consciousness is being challenged to reject the accepted history of humankind, and to see through the smokescreen that much of it is. This is not always easy when you have been through the education (indoctrination) system, and the establishment version of past, present, and future are constantly fed to us through the media minute by minute.” [9]

Repeating ad-nauseum those aspects of his narrative that lend credence to his overall theory, he sets about re-framing the development of the sciences, psychological techniques, international political cooperation, transcendence of religious mysticism and development of industrial productive power, as steps towards a totalitarian world government hell bent on control of the entire human race, favouring the repetition of sensational accusations, along with slander and unfalsifiable 'theories' reproduced against the general idea and most obvious symbols of historical progress, including more specific targets of certain political persuasions, family history, genetic lineage or cultural identity, to substantiate his theories and galvanize opposition to these “negative forces”.

Numerous participants in these aforementioned fields, the historical and present day enemies of David's such as the Rothschild's, Warburg's, Rockefeller's, Peter Mandelson, Blair, Bush, the Clinton's, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Alfred Milner, etc, are all accused of complicity in numerous conspiracies, their political leanings, associations and activities are a good indicator as to Icke's personal ideology which becomes ever more apparent the more he defines it's enemies. 

Re-appearing with Wogan on the BBC in 2006 Icke highlighted what a formative time this was in his life, expressing his bitterness towards the people he came to refer to in his books as “The Sheeple”, he explained: “I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at by most of the people, going into a pub caused uproar”, and how this revealed: “the level of immaturity that passes for adulthood in this country” since, “humans are little more than controlled clones”, this antipathy towards the large majority of people in the world is still revisited consistently in his writing, video presentations and lectures, and not only by him, but his followers aswell.

History is clearly not what it appears to be, and yet the official version is being indoctrinated into generation after generation through the ‘education’ system and the Brotherhood-controlled media.”[10]
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3.... LCE pg 141,“Then, in March 1991, I went over for a third visit to Canada to work with a channeller, Mari Shawsun. I can remember the time vividly: it was just as if someone had flicked a light switch. Suddenly, the David Icke I have just described had taken a step back. He was still there, but no longer controlling events. I think the same thing must have happened to Mari also. It was such a strange feeling. It was as if the real me had become an observer, just looking on, sometimes in horror, at what was happening.
taken from

4.... What exactly did he mean by “Son of the Godhead”? From LCE page 103 taken from :
Some find it hard to accept that there is more than one Son of the Godhead. They believe that Jesus is the only Son of God. It is true that Jesus is the most evolved of these beings, but there are many of this evolution around the universes. Sons and Daughters of the Godhead carry and channel energies which can have a very powerful effect on the energy system [of the planet], and they can also restore links between a planet and the network. They have a different role to that of a Son of Man, and the two are not the same. They are created by the Godhead to serve Creation and the energy system, and are given a particular energy package that allows them to channel and generate incredibly pure and powerful energies. The more they evolve the purer and more powerful those energies become. They also have the ability to stimulate energies in other life-forms when they travel to or through an area. However, Sons and Daughters of the Godhead should not be seen as more important or special than anyone else. They have a role to play, but then so does every single life-form, nor are they super-human. They struggle with the same emotions and problems as anyone else.”

4.5..... LCE pg 141  
5.... TFTTL pg 14
5.5.... ITLOE pg 193 excerpted from

6..... TFTTL pg 6 he continues to elucidate his perspective: “ I had always rejected religion and also the absurd idea pedalled by 'science' that we are all 'accidents' of 'evolution' who cease to exist at 'death'. Unbelievable rubbish”...

7..... TFTTL pg 5 
7.5.... Guild Publishing 1991
At this point I feel it may be informative for the reader, if I share a selection of quotes from HRH Prince Of Wales, Charles Windsor the future King of England: “during the last three centuries, in the Western world at least, a dangerous division has come into being in the way we perceive the world around us...
Science has tried to assume a monopoly - even a tyranny - over our understanding...
Science has attempted to take over the natural world from God, with the result that it has fragmented the cosmos and relegated the sacred to a separate, and secondary, compartment of our understanding...
We are only now beginning to gauge the disastrous results of this outlook. We in the Western world seem to have lost a sense of the wholeness of our environment, and of our immense and inalienable responsibility to the whole of creation. This has led to an increasing failure to appreciate or understand tradition, and the wisdom of our forebears accumulated over the centuries. Indeed, tradition is positively discriminated against - as if it was some socially unacceptable disease”.
As you can see from this selection of quotes taken from one speech by HRH, the message of this old word traditionalist is not too dissimilar from the general message “brought to humanity” by David Icke, infact at it's root it's a fundamentally similar story about the need for a Spiritual renaissance in opposition to the excesses of materialism and “disastrous results of this outlook”, on the tangible environment and it's intangible “creator”: “Our Environment has suffered beyond our worst nightmares, in part because of a one-sided approach to economic development which, until very recently, failed to take account of the inter-relatedness of creation.”
from A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales titled 'A Sense of the Sacred: Building Bridges Between Islam and the West', The Wilton Park Seminar, Wilton Park, West Sussex Published on 13th December 1996 available on "his Highnesses" website. 
7.55.... Robot's Rebellion pg 138, “It inspired scores of ‘people’s revolutions’ and civil wars to replace the monarchies and it achieved this in the normal way - by working through both sides to create the conflict and the atmosphere of unrest. Sometimes the monarch would hold on, more often the revolution would usher in a people’s dictatorship or ‘democratic government’.”
7.6.... TTSSYF pg xv of the Introduction to the 21st Century edition, 2004, these are the opening words of the book:We Live in a multidimensional universe, which is part of a multidimensional and infinite consciousness we call God and Creation. We are multidimensional beings. Therefore this book has to be multidimensional if it is to make a significant contribution to human freedom. It exposes both the daily manipulation of our lives by a secret clique and presents the spiritual causes and solutions which will bring true freedom to Planet Earth and all who live upon her.

8..... From the 2nd page of the introduction, taken from

9.... pg194, Ch12, Robot's Rebellion
10.... pg177, Robot's Rebellion

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Objectification, Land and Freedom

"Technology: ....the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it."
-Max Frisch, quoted in Daniel J. Boorstin's "The Image" 1963

'A woman as she aught to be', 'a garden as it aught to be', 'love as it ought to be', do these words not strike you as an oppressive and insipid injunction toward enforced uniformity?
Are we aware of the ways these concepts are formed by the dominant ideologies of our own and bygone epochs, how much our thinking and action is coloured by the residue, centuries of mystical interpretations have left between the World and our experience of it?

Without regard for the numerous inhabitants, migratory intersections or ecological processes underway in diverse regions of the geological terrain, claims have been conceived, plots hatched, wars fought & boundaries demarcated, in a primitive process of appropriation conducted by the most belligerent exponents of the animalistic practice of domination.
Walls have been raised by armies of slaves and eventually Kingdoms, Fiefs, Nations and Empires established. Everything formerly existing has been stamped with a new character again and again and again, ascribed particular form, content and value accordingly, injected with a new ethos or "spirit" symbolically represented by a flag, anthem culture and state, the ever changing world with it's myriad processes and connections, reified, re-envisioned & replaced.

Within these ideological realms; land, rather than being an arena for the natural development of ecological and biological diversity, gains the static appearance of an object under which; the relations of different cultures, ethnicities, animal species; aswell as the geological and environmental processes underway therein, become confined within a human conception or image applied to them. Life is subsumed beneath the appearance of a fixed, fetishized ideal, "it" becomes an object, something easily grasped, endowed with various properties not at all analogous to it's actuality, it was in our territory so it belongs to us.

Borders being rigorously maintained and violently enforced become an obstacle to cultural exchange, cooperation, transmission of knowledge and natural development. All confined within are constrained by use of laws incumbent upon the captive residents to uphold, shaping the world or at least their part of it through the empowerment of a managerial caste, formed in the image of their King, this Feudal 'Elohim' playing the role of Lord and Vassal, the owner of numerous estates wherein an atrophied and servile subject population could be cultivated.

In the period immediately following the Norman Conquest of England the King through the assertion of his fictitious "alloidal rights"; claimed possession of all land in England as his private dominion. Upon this forceful assertion of his "absolute right", the King immediately granted large swathes of land to his closest allies in the form of feudal baronies, these Barons became Tenants in Chief obligated to serve the Monarch in his military endeavours (referred to as servitium debitum in Latin), by pledging a set quota of Knights who would fight for the King, a symbol of the Baron's loyalty to King and Country. Loyal Barons were granted the right to sit in parliament and empowered to distribute further feudal tenures in order to secure the services of these Knights, creating a pyramidal power structure of land ownership beneath the Monarch, in a process known as "subinfeudation". Beneath the "tenant's in chief" were appointed feudal Lords as intermediary tenants, who in turn infeudated lands to Vassals instituting a further class distinction beneath them; of Freemen who were essentially rent paying farmers enjoying far more independence and security of tenure than those beneath them; Villeins; Bordars or Cottagers; and beneath them Slaves.

A 7th-century Anglo Saxon "Oath of Fealty" , neatly encapsulates the servility and cowering servitude expected of the lower classes during the Feudal age, stating: "By the Lord before whom this sanctuary is holy, I will to be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns, according to the laws of God and the order of the world. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which is unpleasing to him, on condition that he will hold to me as I shall deserve it, and that he will perform everything as it was in our agreement when I submitted myself to him and chose his will." -parroting the imperatives towards mental and physical slavery continually asserted throughout the "Holy Bible", but most unequivocally expressed here in Collosians 3.22, where we are commanded: "Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favour, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord."

The fluctuating number of inhabitants or travellers through a particular region, formerly interpreting, interacting with and constantly developing their immediate environment independently, are recreated as a homogenized subject population, now dependent on an alienated caste of owners for the basic elements of their subsistence, following their enforced compliance with numerous Inclosure Acts conceived through the centuries by their would be exploiters.

Land itself assumes the appearance of a graspable static object, endowed with extraneous properties independent of the range of ecological forces or processes ongoing within it; the actuality becomes of secondary importance to the idealized representation, the conceptualized image of a Nation, Empire, County or Garden, hierarchically ascribed to it. The grass, water, soil and trees within this factitious representation no longer exist as part of the land, but as the properties of a superimposed concept.

Assuming this apparently concrete objectified form; numerous fetishized properties are ascribed to all within, helping to distinguish and divide a 'dominion' and it's inhabitants from 'outsiders'; people perhaps formerly frequented in a spirit of communion, encountered as equals, engaging in cultural or material exchange; begin to be portrayed as seeking to corrupt, dismantle, infiltrate or invade the 'motherland', undermine the established rituals or subvert a Nations 'sovereignty', in so far as their presence is perceived as a threat to the established powers residing there.

This is not naivety, one does not neglect the existence of hostile forces, but intentions are judged most effectively by the actions they provoke which we encounter, by our experience, not by the stereotypical images ascribed to a different culture, nation, race or creed; appearances of capitalist creation, often obfuscating the actual antagonistic relations, and sometimes seeking to justify them with factitiously constructed prejudices.

The result of this tribal mode of organization, of which nationalism is an increasingly irrelevant development of the Patriarchal family, is the inequality created globally and locally by competing, antagonistic selfish interests, inhibiting cooperation, inevitably leading to territorial disagreements which often escalate into devastating globally fought conflicts over resources. As Adam Smith wrote somewhat disparagingly, about the system of Land management in place under the Plantagenet dynasty during the Feudal age in Europe, unpredictable fluctuations in the price of basic commodities, want and lack are the inevitable results; 
"The price of corn, though at all times liable to variation varies most in those turbulent and disorderly societies, in which the interruption of all commerce and communication hinders the plenty of one part of the country from relieving the scarcity of district might be in plenty, while another, at no great distance, by having its crop destroyed, either by some accident of the seasons, or by the incursion of some neighbouring baron, might be suffering all the horrors of a famine; and yet if the lands of some hostile lord were interposed between them, the one might not be able to give the least assistance to the other."
Reading on we see the implicit suggestion that tyranny is the only solution to such a divided and antagonist form of social order, authoritarian control by a strong man willing to subdue all inevitably emerging conflicts and class antagonisms:
"Under the vigorous administration of the Tudors, who governedEngland during the latter part of the fifteenth, and through the whole of the sixteenth century, no baron was powerful enough to dare to disturb the public security."[1]
Rather than being a logical framework within which numerous separate, competing interests can interact on the basis of equality before certain fundamental principles, through the fusion of State and Capital, Law becomes a public force predominantly used to maintain social subservience, the embodiment and violent assertion of mystical forms of order within a hierarchical framework of racial, national, cultural forms of fetishism.

[1]  The Wealth of Nations pg157-8

Thursday, 26 June 2014

"assessed according to the superficies"

Having recently relegated the online activism work and poetry of Charles Torres Veitch, to the darkened place in my non-awareness it's increasing irrelevance demands, I was surprised and horrified in equal measure to stumble upon a video of his entitled "Privacy is the Fetish of Evil", having been irresistibly compelled to watch such an intriguingly titled video, I have also decided some use value may be derived from a quick review of the ideological propositions on offer within it, the first striking impression received was that I couldn't help notice that Charles' "Freedom Fighting" crusade, has really become a cruel parody of his original apparent intentions, to produce a socially empowering artistic critique of our dehumanizing capitalist society, instead his rebellion has become a commodity, with what little popular appeal he garnered now serving predominantly private interests, as his means of obtaining donations from anyone with money beyond sense, who finds themselves moved by his increasingly elaborate appeals.

 Words from F. Nietzsche's Twighlight of the Idols
image Cornelisz van Haarlem's "Adam and Eve"

The reason Charles makes a good subject for a blog about Truth Fetishism, is simply his susceptibility to it's practice; the way the easy answers he seeks are translated into various sensational slogans like; the frequently deployed "freedom" façade; the ambiguous though apparently still effective 'appeal to pathos': "love"; the numerous false dichotomies littered throughout his performances; or as in this video where he describes his private encounter with a Sgt (Dick?)Tracey; simplified, reduced abstract thinking like "nothing is moving there is no space time", a slogan that nicely encapsulates the disjunction between mind and it's prime mover, the immediate environment, maybe therein is a hint to the naming of the character from the American television show he's been watching.

As with any 'ontological conservative', Charles inevitably comes baring illusory ideal forms with pre-determined moral values of good and evil, his attention, intellect and marginal oratory skills are primarily engaged in the maintenance and substantiation of his particular ideology, or "the truth" from which these ideal symbolic fictions and absolute values are derived, the concepts he intends to conserve through his asserted consciousness of their being.

This fundament of his work is evident in his poetry about quantum mechanics, his opinions on reality and the selection of enhancing facts he can extrapolate from philosophy, psychology, popular culture or behavioural science, -shaping what conforms, or can be made to appear to conform, into his narrative- to convey a façade of credibility, however these insights appear to be developed only so far as is required to assert and support his particular ideological vision, the essential aspect of them, and what the viewer receives from him, is what can be used to advance his agenda, support his sense of order, defend himself against those unpleasant sensations, experiences or situations he encounters in the world, with their material, tangible causes, which he refers to as "evil".

"Truth" at this stage designates all sorts of things that we today call "figments of the imagination", the factitious representations of concepts, people, events and situations, construed as being the embodiment of either a good or evil spirit, to be embraced or rejected, accepted or opposed, loved or hated, are assumed to be universally applicable and then applied to his superficial concepts of; "government", "the State", "taxation", or specific individuals, generally that which is encountered in the world which does not conform to his ideal, or which disagrees with his 'a priori'** moral values, these abstractions; "state" "media" "education" etc,. coming to represent a figurative grinding post for any fetishistic axe, everything is 'assessed according to the superficies', wheat separated from chaff then lumped together in 'bundles', forming the basis of rejection, a negative ideological worldview from which to become.

His interests in the subject are not with the processes at work, the forces at play, the totality of a thing it's inherent contradictions, nor are they with the thing itself, but in how his concept of 'it' serves to substantiate or affirm his adherence to this sense of morality, however this is merely an interpretation of certain phenomena — more precisely, a misinterpretation. Moral judgments, like religious ones, belong to a stage of ignorance in which the very concept of the real, and the distinction between what is real and imaginary, are still lacking.

"If people are good to you, if people are kind, if they treat you with respect, you should at the very least do the same for them"

In this blog I merely seek to question their motives, what lies behind this sycophancy, this desire to misinform and fill the mind with sweet nothings, is it insecurity, to what end is somebody making such a show of benevolence?

More often than not this tendency to appear to do good, to be humble, to flatter with kindness while seducing with factitious platitudes, is an attempt to ingratiate themselves, to weaken one's resistance gradually, to the imperceptibly slow advance of their control over your perception of them, this is how a salesman establishes "rapport" with somebody, by convincing them to perceive them a certain way, by conveying a certain image of approachability, respectability or enlightenment,  an evolutionary adaptation the Lion, Hyena or Crocodile could never accomplish, thanks no doubt to the prevalence and protection of the nursery rhyme every child should know: "Never smile at a crocodile".


*see his comments about christianity, preteen girls, menstruation and suicide. 
**refers to an earlier entry in which Veitch posits an inherent "sentience" akin to transcendental good and evil.
*ˆsee Stanford Prison experiment, again another useful 'fact' constantly reproduced within this milieu, to support the rejection of psychology or all forms of authority outside the self, an example of how Truth fetishists focus on only what confirms their personal opinion.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Apotropaic Images

 Apotropaic images of Satyrs, Phalli or Fascinum, in short fetish objects thought to embody a mystical power were placed in gardens, on hearths, chariots and around one's person, as a protection against the fascinations of the envious "lower classes of the community", to divert the attention and intention, the "spells and sorcery" of this "evil eye" turned against them.

This small excerpt from Pliny's Natural History highlights the origin of the inequalities, which make the production and dispersal of fetish objects essential for the ruling classes to 'ward off the evil eye'.


Pliny The Natural History

...In our laws of the Twelve Tables, we find the word "villa," or "farm," nowhere mentioned; it is the word "hortus" that is always used with that signification, while the term "heredium" we find employed for "garden." There are certain religious impressions, too, that have been attached to this species of property, and we find that it is in the garden and the Forum only that statues of satyrs are consecrated, as a protection against the evil effects of spells and sorcery*; although in Plautus, we find the gardens spoken of as being under the tutelage of Venus.....

.....It would be surprising indeed, for the beasts of the field to be forbidden the thistle for food, and yet it is a thing forbidden to the lower classes of the community! These refined distinctions, too, are extended to the very water even, and, thanks to the mighty influence of money, there are lines of demarcation drawn in the very elements themselves.... it the fact, then, that any herb of the garden is reared only for the rich man's table? It is so—but still let no one of the angered populace think of a fresh secession to Mount Sacer or Mount Aventine; for to a certainty, in the long run, all-powerful money will bring them back to just the same position as they were in when it wrought the severance. For, by Hercules! there was not an impost levied at Rome more grievous than the market-dues**, an impost that aroused the indignation of the populace, who repeatedly appealed with loud clamours to all the chief men of the state to be relieved from it. At last they were relieved from this heavy tax upon their wares; and then it was found that there was no tax more lucrative, more readily collected, or less obnoxious to the caprices of chance, than the impost that was levied in exchange for it, in the shape of a property-tax, extended to the poorest classes: for now the very soil itself is their surety that paid the tax will be, their means are patent to the light of day, and the superficial extent of their possessions, whatever the weather may chance to be, always remains the same. 


*"contra invidentium effascinationes" =  to counter effects of the evil eye.
** bears reference to the abolition of the market-dues, or "portorium," by Augustus Cæsar, and the substitution of a property tax of one twentieth of the land, a method of taxation which inflicted greater hardships than the former one, as it was assessed according to the superficies, not the produce of the land.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Illusionnistes, aboyeurs et barons...

How did the United Kingdom survive the destruction of the Working classes, organized Labour and Labour Party during and after the reign of Margaret Thatcher? What trickery has enabled the ruling classes in the UK to prevent a revolutionary uprising, or the disintegration of society in response to the ever widening income and education gap between rich and poor? Is it the same mystical force which ensures our submissive fascination while the Conservative Establishment is increasingly seen to be the fat little maggot at the rotten heart of the British State?

The Conservative establishment, ---typified by esoteric organizations like "the Order of Bath", "Order of the Garter, Thistle, St Michael & St George etc,.", "Pilgrims Society" and "Monday Club", peopled by various old World Nobles, countless Lords and Dames, industrialists. tycoons and numerous "old money" multi-millionaires, constantly operating exoterically through the influence, their private dealings, personal fortunes, and financial calculations exert on the Conservative Party (particularly it's back bench, and newly emerging Libertarian/Nationalist Right Wing outfit; UKIP)---- has been successful in conserving the gains from anti-working class, neoliberal reforms enacted by Margaret Thatcher and her successors in the Conservative Party, even channelling their victims ---in true 'pastoral' fashion--- towards the Conservative establishment's favoured ideological response to various 'economic' problems.

As in business, image and reputation is everything, PR is paramount, focusing the masses attention on manufactured problems which the Right Wing dominated media outlets constantly portray; "Immigration"; "erosion of Sovereignty"; "control of Borders";"benefit cheats", "Law and Order" etc,. and away from consciousness of the deleterious effects the Monetarist policies of the last few decades is essential if their reactionary agenda is to go unnoticed.

The Free-Market reforms of the dark years during Thatcherism, particularly wage suppression, and subsequent privatization of public utilities, saw the formerly nationally owned industry giants; Jaguar, British Telecom, Cable & Wireless and British Aerospace, Britoil, British Steel, British Petroleum, Rolls Royce, British Airways, British Gas, water and electricity, being auctioned to private, often foreign investors, the dismantling of the Coal industry, privatization of the railways and de-regulation of the financial services industry, enabling property prices and speculative investments to increase wildly, benefited exclusively the managerial moneyed classes, coporations and wealthy private individuals, who then became the owners of these formerly publicly maintained services & industries, raised prices and dropped wages in order to increase private profit margins, at the expense of the British general public.

Yet since that period and the various confrontations this wholesale betrayal of the working class provoked, the Poll Tax Riots (1989-91), Battle of Orgreave (1984) and Battle of the Beanfield (1985) (being some of the more prominent amongst many others), the majority of Briton's have been extremely compliant, willingly conformist and suspiciously docile to the continuing advance of Capital, towards a position of absolute dominance over organized Labour. The inevitable inequalities formed by this arrangement provoking little more than the occasional protest centered on piecemeal economic demands.

Was the defeat of organized Labour, their subjugation below a managerial class to the tools their own hands had built, the expulsion of new age travellers from their ancestral spiritual heartlands, and the violent repression of the masses of poor people lashing out against the Poll Tax under one of the most unequal, class divided societies the world has ever known, enough to convince the people of Britain that actually Big Brother and his financial backers do know best?

Was it Thatcher's police state reforms and premeditated attacks on worker's rights, or the strategically deployed display of military ruthlessness with which they were enacted, that convinced us of the need to 'defang' the Unions as a political force?

As unpopular as it may be my theory is that Thatcher was right, which is to say she knew very well the concept of trickle down economics would serve to seduce the dispossessed masses, blinding them to their increasing dependence on the market, even if it was through factitious contrivances based on the booming industry of market research, the data yielded there serving the creators of fashions, fads, trends and numerous constantly emerging commodities enabling you to obtain consumer satisfaction.

If the economic forecasters predicted a problem it would be in the interests of this plutocratic over-class to oil the gears of wealth -through commodity- production.

The development of consumer commodity markets, fed by the increased availability of industrial resources and off-shore labour markets, required by the owning classes for their 'cost efficient' production, facilitated the huge leaps made in technology over the last few decades, and widescale availability of consumer electronics (to the level whereby most homes in the developed world have more than one television), this has coincided with the development of the production methods of the various entertainments and media fetishes derived from them (fed by psychological, neurological advances, derived from market research, etc,.), and enabled the Church of the Market to 'freely' distribute it's propagandistic imperatives to consume, to fashion the acceptable channels for expression of desire, putting into it's priesthoods hands a tool for propaganda that make those constructed by the Fascist propagandists of Nazi Germany seem insignificant.

In fetishistic terms privatization, or to use the famous slogan: "trickle down economics", has created an [illusion of] abundance, and availability of everything for all [with an adequate credit rating], which makes it very easy to convince oneself when looking, that we've never had it quite so good, that we've never been better off and that the Lord of the church of the Market really does provide to His faithful servants.

This illusionary, temporary but constantly enlivened sense of satisfaction, endlessly reinvigorated through the production and consumption of it's symbolic forms, is facilitated in no small measure by the over-availability of 'consumer credit', the small plastic cards in your wallet are tools which enable you to service any particular impulse or desire, conceived, manufactured, marketed then implanted in your head by the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. Credit entitles you to enjoy the products and objects of success, regardless of your socio-economic status, even if it is just a transient joy amidst the more prevalent, arduous moments undertaken to attain it.

Capitalizing on the requirement for the objects of success to be widely available to those not using credit, the market for imitation brands being mass produced and sold to mass market, at a fraction of the price of exclusive brands, creates a class system of representation. One's station is still determined by one's ability to pay for the status symbols required to make a show of it, or not as the case may be, but these lesser brands in various fields whether furniture, clothing, automobiles or perfumes superficially appear the same as those hand crafted, limited edition or customized luxury items available to the moneyed classes, so their owner can play at pretending to have attained that level of individual 'success'.

The proliferation of the consumerist ideal where 'one is what one owns rather than what one does', through the constantly disseminated advertising propaganda, which, while affirming the righteousness of consumerism determines the values our consumption reflects, renders us all susceptible to the shop displays of designer brands which we're exposed to on a daily basis in our towns, which having long since been infiltrated by numerous multinationals, are a cacophony of constantly competing private interests vying for our attention, their sole intention to appeal, to stand out and entice us into a financial transaction in their establishment.

The optimum mode of transmitting the most desirable cultural fascinations, are those spectacular representations of human beings known as celebrities, these apparently sentient lifeforms, despite being no different, infact often more banal, monotonous and uninteresting than the most insignificant Human life, are elevated above the general mass of people as an idealized object for them to identify with and imitate, the sublime object of a particular consumerist tendency, or lifestyle.

Much has changed in the forty years since the libertarian reforms of the economy under Thatcher began, the influence of money has re-assumed it's dominance over British life. The sparkling abundance of distractions, fantasy and illusions presented by increasingly empty emissaries of banality, command their own moments of fervent exaltation. They herald tidings of the newest forms of enslavement, a cult of blind adherence to economic logic and the presumed objective value of objects of devotion.

Against the backdrop of a rigorous and prolonged government attack on our collective heritage, culture and self respect, the waning of the ability of the working class to convince themselves they have a voice, through Unions and the Labour party, renders them easy targets for the seductive conveyor belt of consumerism, and more insidious 'opiums' conceived by the dominant ideology, in order to undermine the last vestiges of resistance to the ongoing privatization of the Education system, NHS and destabilization of Democratic societies...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

On "Baser Forms" of Truth

The width and breadth of knowledge available for mass consumption since the advent of the digital age, lends itself well to the reproduction and dissemination of this abundant raw material in the form of various competing "truth fetishes", principally because of it's coinciding with the individualistic Neo-Liberal global revolution in economics, (demanding the colonization and subjugation  to the market of every aspect of human existence)

This excerpt from the website of aspiring truth fetishist Charles Veitch highlights the use of this valuable raw material to advance his agenda, which is given as the attempt to "place Statism in the history books", but is more likely to be eeking out a living through his production of a particular type of marketable commodity.

In bold I have highlighted the truth fetishes, which is to say factitious, seemingly intelligently deployed but overall empty words, conveyed to make them seem to be "the embodiment of a potent spirit" (of truth), underlined are various explicit contradictions that it is Mr Veitch's aim to introduce to the reader:

"The Hegelian Dialectic between the "rational" and "moral" West and the "hysterical" and "superstitious" East provides the perfect setting for the evolution of humanity. The work of Indigene is to place statism in the history books alongside religionism and the baser forms of control."

Ignoring for now the erroneous cultural stereoptypes, in order of occurrence let's look more closely at these reified concepts, factiously constructed to provoke "unquestioning reverence" in their target.

The Hegelian Dialectic
As though highlighting specifically for our benefit the inadequacy of this practice, whereby a small piece of a far more intricate subject, ie a Cross, the Swastika, etc,. can become a fetish object of fascination, superficially appearing as immediately tangible, but actually abounding in habitually ignored metaphysical and theological subtleties.

Mr Veitch has constructed, or more accurately appropriated a reified concept, from information reproduced devoid of content in superficially appealing and fetishized form, "The Hegelian Dialectic" is taken as some all encompassing general truth emerging out of the void, forming the basis of the misunderstandings Veitch seeks to impart.

His use of the term is clearly intended to construct the facade of an intellectual or philosophical substance to his words, still it is ambiguous, does he mean for instance to refer to the "Dialectic" as ascribed to Hegel, in the conspiratorial literature of David Icke, a three-fold process of "problem-reaction-solution", utilized by a hierarchically estranged elite to control the attention of the populace, the world and course of their history?

If so he makes an elementary and fundamental error by listing only a thesis and antithesis, with no trace of synthesis to the various distinctions he has made, indeed Icke's theory is that this hypothetical elite use false dichotomies, duality or false "paradigms" to divide and control the populace, if we look deeper at this text from his Indigene website, we can see it is nothing other than the introduction of dialectical antagonisms, contradictions, false dichotomies and confusion, expounded in the most hyperbolic fashion.

"Indigene is a self-affirmation of Being - taking the best of quantum mechanics and applying it to subjective a-priori sentience that we all have. Somewhere between reductionist materialism and outright idealism lies the truth. We can help you explore these questions."

I think it's more likely he alludes in a veiled manner, to the Hegelian concept of the dialectic between consciousness that considers itself Master -through recognition of the slave as an object- and the Slave who considers himself thus through his conciousness of the master -a separate, antagonistic, self consciousness.

In Hegelian philosophy there is no "thing in itself", no sheltered consciousness free from dependence on the other, the otherness of the Master to the Slave creates a totality of which both are part, but the unity of which is negated by the subjugation of the other by the master to substantiate his self affirmation of being, he must put the other into a position of object which can be owned, grasped and used; a self delusion of "being in itself" derived from the treatment of the other as an object of his will devoid of independence, this totality of which both are part is like a potential for a "genuine humanity" beyond exploitation of itself "as another", but it contains an inherent contradiction the sublation of the "Master's" dependence on the other to the other.

It is to the Slave to overcome this by asserting his self mastery, to obtain through his consciousness of "being for another", the realization of the other as self consciousness, to the Master the slave is merely object, an aspect of his will from which his sense of "being" is derived, the process of exploitation has equipped slave consciousness with the tools required to transcend it's subservience, if only it would use them instead of remaining fixated by the mystificatory aspects of them.
In encountering the consciousness of Hegel expressed through the "Dialectic", Mr Veitch has attempted to deprive it of it's existence, to recreate it as an object for Mr Veitch, now it's self asserted "Master", any independent character it may have had is negated, even misrepresented, it's reified form consumed, assimilated and put to work in constructing the facade known as Indigene.

Bringing me back to the original point, the inadequacy of this semi-mystical, pseudo-profound reproduction, having being stripped of it's content and meaning Hegel's logic symbol becomes a reified concept, an empty vessel for the reception of 'subtle fluids' and fetishization ascribed with values in accordance to the will of it's master.

'Fetishism' is about relations among people, rather than the objects that mediate and disguise those relations.

Perfect [Setting]
The term "perfect" is fetishism prima facie, but implicitly contains an inherent subjective relevance, combined with any object ie; meal, weekend, spouse, child etc,. it evokes a particular meaning for each self consciousness that uses it, taken in the context of the paragraph it's use actually may well contain a degree of truth, he posits the "perfect setting for the evolution of humanity", to be "between the "rational" and "moral" West and the "hysterical" and "superstitious" East", between is a strange position to be in here, one is either in one sphere or the other, it is in this interplay that development becomes necessary one sphere consuming and extinguishing the other, otherwise there are three spheres with one between, but is this non-position in a false dichotomy not, although descriptive of nothing but error, paradoxically indicative of the reality that "perfect settings" would actually inhibit "evolution" in any natural sense of the word, and that in an evolutionary universe such reified concepts as the perfect, transcendent truth, environment, lifestyle only exist as imperfect, abstract "Hegelian" 'certainties'.

Statism is an unusual term taken here as some general truth emerging out of the void, it has no meaning beyond it's derogatory implications, which is to say a term was required with which various diverse forces could attack and undermine the concept of checks and balances, in order that they may substitute a liberal-parliamentary government for the regime of personal rule, hoping thereby to divert the advancing revolution that threatens the remaining privileges of the western, white European patriarchy and property owning classes.

This is another negative fetish object akin to "statism", just an abstraction of various things Charlie dislikes to a degree of inhibiting coherent thought about them, termed Religionism it acts as a voodoo doll into which he sticks the figurative nail he considers Indigene to be, "The work of Indigene is to place statism in the history books alongside religionism and the baser forms of control", but if we take him at his word, does the negative interpretation of these terms actually stand? Being that neither term actually exists in the history books, should we take this as his attempt, rather than neutralize them actually to ascribe to them some concreteness, some form of recognition as "viable" but infact meaningless designations?

Quantum Mechanics
Stringing together series of terms and phrases from quantum physics, and asserting that they explain something in our daily experience, is something people like Icke or Veitch spend a lot of time doing in their various theoretical presentations, in the words of American Physicist Richard Feynman*; "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.", neither, being as they are serial "truth" (and love) fetishists, would be quite as honest, or in all likelihood as self aware as Prof. Feynman.

In truth all of these aspects could be far more excessively elaborated upon, I mean the actual coherent message Veitch attempts to convey is not yet clear, that may be as I think his overall aim, one should not as he said in a recent video "mistake the map for the terrain", are the words just a means of cementing the Consciousness of the bondsman in his audience, what he does whether knowingly or not is reproduce the hierarchichal scheme of revealed truth, in the manner of all reactionary ideological cults appealing to the 'least' among us, they know their dogma is cynical, irrational, defeatist and often illogical, but "We can help you", they avidly assure us with hungry smiles...


There are numerous copies of Hegel's original text online to learn more about the development of Self Consciousness, Hegel's view of being for itself and being for others, and the Master<>Slave dialectic read; section B, chapter IV, paragraph 166 and onwards.

* in The Character of Physical Law (1965)